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                              當前位置:美达彩票娱乐登录 / 美达彩票开奖 / 所內動態 / 正文


                              Group Leader Positions at National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing


                              Principal Investigators: National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS), Beijing (http://www.umameats.com), an HHMI-style biomedical research institute funded by Chinese government, is seeking multiple outstanding Principal Investigators (PI).

                              Qualified candidates should have a Ph.D./M.D. degree and several years of postdoctoral training or industrial experience, with a strong track record in the mechanism-based biological research, disease-related research, or chemistry/drug discovery.

                              Successful candidates are selected solely based on scientific merits, regardless of gender, nationality and race.

                              NIBS is SCIENTIST CENTRIC–providing

                              1) Internationally competitive salaries, generous start-up and funding support (no need for grant application), and highly stimulating research environment;

                              2) Thirteen state-of-the-art core facilities covering chemistry, imaging and single cell RNA-Seq to CRISPR mice and forward genetics screening;

                              3) Five top-tier (TITAN) EM microscopes for breakthrough structural research;

                              4) Two new buildings (31,000 m2) to expand already strong basic and translational research;

                              5) Three outstanding graduate programs (high quality students), strong administrative support, and open communication with international scientific community.

                              The spirit of NIBS is to allow PIs maximal freedom and focus to conduct highly creative research and make fundamental breakthrough discoveries at his/her own will.

                              All NIBS PIs will become members of Tsinghua Institute of Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research (TIMBR), established jointly by NIBS and Tsinghua University, and enjoy full benefits of Tsinghua faculty, including tenure-track, housing and children’s access to Tsinghua affiliated schools.

                              The initial appointment for PIs will be 5 years and renewal is conditional upon passing reviews by an international committee. Prospective applicants should send curriculum vitae, statement of research interests and future plan, and have three letters of recommendation sent to facultyrecruit@nibs.ac.cn by Feb. 29, 2020.

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